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Cleaning Kitchen Grease

 All Natural Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products

Kitchen Grease vs. MMS

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home.  Its the one place we all gather together at the end of the day and relive the chaos with our loved ones. This is that one place that is used extensively and we are always trying to keep up  with the daily cooking and cleaning mess.  Every now and then we self acknowledge that our homes are in desperate need of cleaning & organizing.

With the lure of always having something better to do, go out, do the groceries, visit friends, working over time; there aren't enough hours in a day to fit house cleaning into the day!  
My Miracle Solution, easily eliminates the extra work and energy required to clean.  Our products not only clean, disinfect and with instant drying you won't have to look for streaks and wet spots because you will be out enjoying life!

With all these cleaning surfaces; MMS is a triple threat cleaner:   

  • Cleans & Disinfects
  • Shines and Polishes all your surfaces
  • Multi Purpose
  • Multi Surface
  • Cleans all natural and man made surfaces.
  • Restores the beauty and finish of your furniture and fixtures
  • Eliminates airborne bacteria
  • Deodorizes your home, office, place of business and even your car


         The BEST natural household cleaning products All Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy Treatments   or

My Miracle Solution does all this and more because its also the only cleaner of its kind; each spray delivers a healing does of therapeutic essential oils.  

Shake. Spray. Wipe. and most importantly Breathe!

 Let the aromatherapy benefits wipe away all the days stresses away.  Relax & unwind with our Soothing Florals collection and wake rested and ready to take on the world!

Wishing you a Miracle Day!

Team MMS

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario