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Cleaning Stainless Steel

Cleaning Stainless Steel

My Miracle Solution is unlike any other household cleaner you will ever use!  Not only do we make cleaning fun again, but now it smells good too!  Eliminate bacteria & grime all in ONE easy wipe!!  Mad with therapeutic essential oils and organic ingredients, MMS is here to save your sanity! Our formulation is an instant dry.  Leaving all your surfaces streak proof!

Kitchen grease doesn't stand a chance against My Miracle Solution!
For this Bosch Dishwasher we use a 2 step method where we wipe off the dirt with water and use a cotton towel to clean, disinfect and shine.
Not all Stainless Steel surfaces are created equally; domestic and imported appliances have various grades of stainless.  Depending on the type of appliance you have the following suggestions are there to aid you when cleaning.   See which works best for your appliances.  Option A: Wipe off all stuck on food particles with soap & a wet paper towel.Then using a dry paper towel; spray a small area & wipe to dry. Allow the surface to naturally dry to a shiny finish. Option B:  Wipe off all stuck on food particles with soap & a wet paper towel.Then using a dry towel; spray a small area & wipe to dry.Wait a few minutes; then using a paper towel re-spray again and wipe. Allow the surface to naturally dry to a shiny finish.  
Wishing you a Miracle Day!
Team MMS  
an All Natural Eco Friendly Household Cleaner made in Oakville, Ontario

Cleaning the Flooring

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products

Does the thought of Cleaning your Floors have you running in the other direction faster than a Cheetah???  

We used to as well!  Ever since we chose to live the Green Life and eventually grew tired of all the other "Green Cleaners" leaving us disappointed... we proceeded to create this formulation and soon over came the dreaded cleaning chores!  

We; along with all our customers have rediscovered the joy of cleaning!

Enjoy rejuvenating your floors with My Miracle Solution, the oils seal in and nourish all your flooring and leaving behind a long long lasting shine!  My Miracle Solution effectively and effortlessly cleans Hardwood, Granite, Marble, Quartz and many other surfaces.  There is no repeat mopping and replacing dirty water; using a dry mopping system such as Bona or Vileda you Shake. Spray. Wipe. Breathe. and before you know it, your home or place of business has created its own personality! You can use MMS as your new grout cleaner; removing the outdoor grime form the grout will instantly breathe into your home a whole new look!

Manufactured Flooring

Should you have manufactured flooring such as Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic, Linoleum or Tiles; My Miracle Solution will work equally effortlessly and no changes required.  The same dry mopping process used on natural floors works equally well on manmade surfaces.  No fancy tools or extra steps are required.  My Miracle Solution allows the user to move between flooring materials with Zero Changes made.

Sit back and admire the brilliant beauty of your home, office or even your car. My Miracle Solution is set to take the world by storm!! Get your Miracle in a Bottle today!

Wishing you a Miracle Day! 

Team MMS 

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Cleaning Kitchen Grease

 All Natural Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products

Kitchen Grease vs. MMS

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home.  Its the one place we all gather together at the end of the day and relive the chaos with our loved ones. This is that one place that is used extensively and we are always trying to keep up  with the daily cooking and cleaning mess.  Every now and then we self acknowledge that our homes are in desperate need of cleaning & organizing.

With the lure of always having something better to do, go out, do the groceries, visit friends, working over time; there aren't enough hours in a day to fit house cleaning into the day!  
My Miracle Solution, easily eliminates the extra work and energy required to clean.  Our products not only clean, disinfect and with instant drying you won't have to look for streaks and wet spots because you will be out enjoying life!

With all these cleaning surfaces; MMS is a triple threat cleaner:   

  • Cleans & Disinfects
  • Shines and Polishes all your surfaces
  • Multi Purpose
  • Multi Surface
  • Cleans all natural and man made surfaces.
  • Restores the beauty and finish of your furniture and fixtures
  • Eliminates airborne bacteria
  • Deodorizes your home, office, place of business and even your car


         The BEST natural household cleaning products All Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy Treatments   or

My Miracle Solution does all this and more because its also the only cleaner of its kind; each spray delivers a healing does of therapeutic essential oils.  

Shake. Spray. Wipe. and most importantly Breathe!

 Let the aromatherapy benefits wipe away all the days stresses away.  Relax & unwind with our Soothing Florals collection and wake rested and ready to take on the world!

Wishing you a Miracle Day!

Team MMS

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Cleaning Glass & Mirrors

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products


My Miracle Solution takes glass cleaning to a whole new level!  This is by far the BEST glass cleaner to exist!  No fancy tools required here; use either a cotton or paper towel;    

 Shake.  Spray. Wipe. and Breathe

Our patent pending, instant dry formulation will leave you pleasantly surprised!!! No water streaks.  No water spots.  No twisting the neck to to look for residue left behind!  When trying to wipe stuck on grime such as greasy fingerprints, baby slobber, rain splatter or or paw prints; MMS will easily break through with minimal effort!!

"My Miracle Solution" is truly a multi-purpose cleaning product and will effortlessly clean, disinfect & dry instantly and remain finger print free for days! You won't know the flexibility and versatility of My Miracle Solution until you try it! You have the absolute freedom to go from cleaning glass to hardwood with the same paper towel  without skipping a beat.

Wishing you a Miracle Day!


Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario


     Organic Essential Oil Household Cleaner


Team MMS

Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario