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Back 2 School

Back 2 School Chaos

It's that time of year... the kiddos are heading back to school tomorrow!!! These past 9 weeks went by SLOW and the days were excruciatingly LONG. We fond them constantly calling out "Mom" "Mom" "Mom" without a single word spoken after that!  I think they have a secret army guiding them behind the scenes;  teaching them how to drive their parents to insanity!  As parents we know that having Kids = Chaos. 

Our home & heads are in a current state of frenzy; desperately trying to get organized, get the kids ready for school and still strategizing on those Ohhh Sooo dreaded LUNCHES!!  Those lunches; regardless of who makes them, they are never eaten!  Is this the case in your home?  Do your little people drive you mental?  How do they instinctively know that something in particular will drive us to the edge of INSANITY!  As parents we know that having Kids = Chaos.  For us as parents it has got to to be the hardest part of parenting; to stand back and watch the drama of the school year unfold!                                                                                                                            

Thankfully there are incredible people in the world and they are teachers!  They willingly take on our children, us as parents and the "system" single handedly and still find the passion to grow the minds of our children collectively!  Please do take a moment this week to thank your childs teacher for taking your child for 6+ hours a day; 5 days a week.  Take that moment to appreciate all the  hard work they have put in to build a system that engages your child to learn!!  

As you send your little humans off to school this year; make sure you are stocked full with MMS Immunity Therapy oils for your diffuser.  Use the powerful benefits of Eucalyptus & Lemon essential oils to help keep your home smelling fresh and light all day while eliminating the air borne bacteria brought home.  The benefits of essential oils are far and plenty; use this same essential oil combinations to help the mind focus and think clearly

Giving a child the best chance at success starts at home.

Bring the power of nature into your home and watch the magic unravel before your eyes.

Butterfly Kisses
The magic of spring is all bottled up for you in this light and fresh.  Lilac blooms and midnight gardenias fill you senses with joy.

Like its namesake, this powerful combination of oils are designed to give you a big boost of focus; on the task at hand.

Energizing Citrus

tested and proven to aide in bringing a sense of calm, peace and light to your day.

Team MMS wishes all the students who as setting off today to grow their minds a fun filled and successful year ahead.  To all our teacher friends; may you have the power to enthralling your students and capture their imagination.  Speaking as parents we are thankful for having incredible teachers in our community! 


Team MMS


Look whats just around the corner...

Spring 2018 has arrived!!  Kicking off cleaning up after Winters Chaotic Mess!  MMS is here to help you get through it with with your sanity intact!  Our all natural eco friendly household cleaner will effectively and effortlessly get you through without breaking  your back!~!  This year don't stress yourself out by working overtime to get set up for your summer patio time! 

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Essential Oils vs Rodents

All Natural Eco Friendly Household Cleaner

Essential Oils vs Rodents

Fall came in almost 6 weeks ago, in Canada its already starting feel like winter is here; but until it is officially here you have time to sort out your garage or garden shed.

Rodent repellents are chemicals which by taste or odour or possibly by both will prevent animal from feeding or gnawing.  Such substances may be used in protecting an area from rodent infestation  or in protecting

           Natural Healing with Therapeutic Diffuser Essential Oils

packaged food, packing materials, electric cables, and other important vulnerable materials.  Mature and healthy house rat, Rattus rattus of both sexes, was exposed to 5, 10, and 20% eucalyptus oil applied as spray in laboratory pens in bichoice tests.  In overall, food consumption was significantly low from treatment side compared to the untreated side indicating significant repellent effect of the oil at all the three concentrations tested.  Repellent effect was not found to differ between the two sexes. Percentage of repellency in both male and female rats was apparently more with daily application of 5 and 10% eucalyptus oil. Present studies reveal the potential of eucalyptus oil in repelling away R. rattus; however, further studies may be conducted to enhance the persistence of repellent effect for longer period of time.

Since eucalyptus oil possesses a wide spectrum of biological activity and is regarded as safer compounds, there have been attempts to commercialize and market the insecticides/repellent products containing eucalyptus oil as such or based upon them. Quwenling is a eucalyptus-based product that has been successfully marketed as an insect-repellent in China [40]. It provides protection against Anopheles mosquitoes parallel to DEET and has, in fact, replaced the widely used synthetic repellent, dimethyl phthalate.  

Since eucalyptus oil possesses a wide spectrum of biological activity and is regarded as a safer compounds, there have been attempts to commercialize and market the insecticides/repellent products containing eucalyptus oil as such or based upon them. Quwenling is a eucalyptus-based product that has been successfully marketed as an insect-repellent in China [40]. It provides protection against Anopheles mosquitoes parallel to DEET and has, in fact, replaced the widely used synthetic repellent, dimethyl phthalate.

The present studies reveal the potential of eucalyptus oil applied as spray in repelling away R. rattus of both sexes. Percent repellency was more when the oil was applied daily and alternatively as compared to when applied once a week indicating low persistence of the repellent effect due to volatile nature of the oil. Further studies may be conducted to prepare formulations of the oil leading to slow release of the oil so as to increase its persistence for a longer period of time.

The benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oils are far reaching with even more healing properties.  Join us as we embark on making a difference with the world.  Together we can make a difference.

Wishing you a Miracle Day!


Team MMS

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Want to Curb those Sugar Cravings??

All Natural Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products

Want to Curb your Sugar Carvings??

All Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy Treatments

Therapeutic Essential Oils can work wonders on ones senses.  Soothe the overactive and stressed mind.  Nature is simple; and breathing it is can

Its Autumn and as we start to layer & hide under those warm fuzzy clothes, sipping on delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes; we can easily pack on extra weight unknowingly.  This doesn't get any easier because we have a slew of holiday festivities with the coming months.  If you and your families are anything like ours that we like our desserts and treats. Since we always have some form of aromatherapy going in our homes we decided to do some digging; why not use essential oils to help keep those stubborn pounds off of our waistlines!  This is what we found......Who knew that it is possible to loose weight and even keep it off with this little well researched trick!  

Did you know that you can increase your ability to smell through something called "Scent Exercising".  While doing research for John Hopkins University, Robert Anholt, PhD and professor of Zoology at North Carolina University discovered that most people have the ability to detect subtle differences in various smells.  

The test subjects exposed themselves to as many natural odours as they could and eventually trained themselves to  recognize the scents.  It is believed that those who loose their sense of smell often end up gaining weight.    A study done by Alan Hirsch, MD head of Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation wondered if the opposite was true; could scents help with weight loss.

Their study gave 3,000 overweight individuals aromas to inhale.  Some long time dieters had tried almost everything since their early 20's with a total of 66 different diet programs.  The test subjects were directed to sniff six times an aromatic mixture when they felt hungry.  In about six months those that were given a sweet scented mixture to sniff lost an average of FIVE pounds per month.

We had shared in our October 2016 News Letter How do we smell; the brain is the part that does the scent smelling.    To quote the news letter "Some researches say that the concept of odours having a direct affect upon our minds is incredible and needs to be explored further; especially when studies that suggest essential oils have a direct impact on the human central nervous system."  Alan Hirsch discovered that "Aromatherapy" has an effect (tricks) the brain's satiety centre within the Hypothalamus into thinking it has eaten enough.  Therefore giving the individual "sniffing" the mixture to feel as if they have eaten enough and as a benefit loose the unhealthy weight.  


Essential Oil Therapy for curb food Cravings


Try mixing these essential oils

Try this combination of essential oils in your diffuser or combine them in a small vile and keep with you wherever you go.  When you get the munchies or of you are going out for a night on the town with friends, take a few slow breaths a little before your meal.  What may work for one person may not work for another.  Should these combinations of essential oils or any other that you feel would help your curb your desire to overeat, try it.

All you need are one drop of each oil into your diffuser or as mentioned above a small bottle.

Bergamot Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil

Always know your limits.  Please consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise regime.  To stay healthy dp your best to exercise daily, eat a healthy diet and be the in the best form that is the healthiest for you.  Be strong and be good to yourself because only you have to live in your skin; give it the love & nourishment that only you can.

Wishing you a Miracle Day


Team MMS 

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Not Your Average Cleaner

May 2017 Newsletter

My Miracle Solution is limitless; use it in your home, car, office or place of business? Want something that is quick, easy and versatile? Something that can get the job DONE?

Your search has ended.

This isn't your ordinary cleaner. "My Miracle Solution" not only does it shine, polish, clean & disinfect all your surfaces; you get the added benefit of our Pure Essential Oils. Our product is made with food grade ingredients and Essential oils. Both keep you safe and help to heal your senses as your home or office get a makeover. We have carefully chosen the combination of oils to give you and your home the nourishing and protection it deserves.

Essential Oils have a long history in healing the human body either through topical applications or from infusing the air your breathe. Combined or alone; when added to this solution the health benefits are increased immensely.   Our essential oil combinations will help to restore your health while treating your Hardwood or Ceramic or Tiled Flooring. Your homes Cabinets never got this much TLC when they were being manufactured;  MMS will help to restore your home to its their original beauty.  

Our instant dry, finger print resistant formula will treat your furniture & fixtures with the gentle care they require.  The natural ingredients are safe for your children, pets and the environment. Using only a cotton towel or paper towel; while you reduce your Carbon Footprint.  Take the leap and join the Miracle Mission today!

Wishing you a Miracle Day!

Team MMS

Organic Eco Friendly Household Cleaner made in Oakville


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