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My Miracle Solution Gives Back to Local Community

Team MMS Gives Back

My Miracle Solution
is a small startup company with a mission that has the ability to changes lives along with protecting of our beloved planet.  We ALL find that parenting can be a challenge; this challenge is further magnified when your little one struggles with their health; life itself becomes an overnight explosion on your sanity.   We chose The Darling Home for Kids  as our Charity; this Respite Home is run on 100% Dedicated Volunteer Time & Efforts!! Darling Home aids families with children facing health concerns;  they provide a much needed community resource; that is both safe and secure 2nd home for their littles.  Amit & I wanted to share our Mission with our Miracle Family; as creators & founders of My Miracle Solution we knew that we wanted to give back to our local community.  This valued resource can easily go unnoticed because only a select few are allowed in due to limited availability of resources.  This is where we want to be able to step in & step up the Miracle Game!!!  

These families are in need of a strong & trusted support system.  The Darling Home for Kids is that Safe Zone for these children and their families!  

We hope that you all will take a moment of your time to learn a little more about the incredible work that goes on at The Darling Home for Kids!!

We Thank you for your continued support as we grow our small Canadian business. 

Wishing you a Miracle Day!

Team MMS

M Miracle Solution Gives Back to the Community

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