My Miracle Solution uses a variety of Essential Oils from the Citrus family for their energizing, nourishing and aromatherapy benefits. Oils from the citrus family fruits have a long history; they have been used in recipes (pastas, cakes & desserts), for making drinks, air fresheners, body lotions, anti-aging creams and serums while still being a great source of Vitamin C.  These oils also have an incredible wealth of aromatherapy benefits.  We added them to our Energizing Citrus line to help to bring out the natural beauty of the woods & stones while continuing to work as an astringent on all these surfaces.  We blended a vast array of oils from this group to bring to you a solution that provided nourishing, healing, health & aroma therapy benefits. While providing a disinfecting clean and giving your senses healing anti-depressant, mood enhancing & energy stimulating aromas to name a few.   
With My Miracle Solution you get that energizing perk from cleaning your home naturally while gaining the Energizing, Mood lifting aromas from using the solution.


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