atural Household Cleaning Products made with Essential Oils

 My Miracle Solution is one of the BEST and EASIEST cleaner to use.  Safe on all your surfaces including your skin.  To give you a better floor cleaning experience we come to you with a better deliver system. The Fine Mist won't work well on your floors because you need more to get the brilliant shine and long lasting clean!

So we decided to bring you the same great product with a small tweak. Our fast drying formula makes mopping your floors a breeze.  Our Floor Care Collection will deliver more to your floors making mopping easy peasy!   It's time to jump in feet first and be the envy of all your guests, friends and neighbours.  Let them leave them asking ....

"How does she/he do it? Their floors are always sparkling clean!!"

Team MMS

Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario 

Details: Eco Friendly Hardwood Floor Cleaner