Exotic Florals


My Miracle Solution - an all natural aromatherapy cleaner

Exotic Floral is a combination of many healing oils that aide in calming down the stress triggers of every day life.  Historically flowers  such as Roses, Orchids, Jasmine and Gardenia's were only available to those in the  upper classes of society.  To a certain extent this still holds true in todays world; exotic flowers and their oils are still expensive; but our opinion; understanding and appreciation of their healing benefits and beauty have allowed these delicate plants to provide their user with Oils of incredible power.  
The process to extract the oils from these exotic and delicate petals is lengthy and costly.  It takes approximately 14,000 rose petals tp produce 1pound  Rose Absolute.  The MMS team has hand picked the its Essential Oils to bring to you the healing power of essential oils and a powerful cleaning solution.  Floral scents hold a special place in the hearts of many, they conjure up pleasant emotions & memories with incredible attachment that it brings one back in time to that happy place and in turn providing a sense of calm and peace.  
We know that sinking feeling when you know that you must cleaning your home, office or even your RV.  This can cause a lot of grief & stress between couples and family members; at least it did in our home. Miracle Solution's combined floral essential oils included in this collection are sure to bring a sense of calm, peace and relaxation.
Go ahead and take a Spa moment with our Exotic Florals collection.
Team MMS