Corporate Charity

Giving Back to our Community

We are excited to be able to share with you the latest addition to our Mission Statement. Our daughters' BFF; Princess S brings an incredible amount of joy to us no matter the challenges she faces!  

The Darling Home for Kids is run on 100% Dedicated Volunteer Time & Efforts!!   To aid them in the work that they do; Amit & I wanted to share our plans with you, our Miraclers!!  As creators & founders of My Miracle Solution we will be contributing 10% of all our proceeds from sales each month to go directly to benefit the children that use these facilities!  

The families that use these Respite homes are ill and in need of a strong & trusted support system.  The Darling Home for Kids is that Safe Zone for these children and their families!  We hope that you all will take a moment of your time to learn a little more about the incredible work that goes on at The Darling Home for Kids!!

Thank you to our loyal customers who make giving back look easy!  We couldn't do this without you all!