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This is where you benefit with this amazing cleaning system; you get a mini day at the spa for your senses with each spray! My Miracle Solution isn't your ordinary cleaner; not only does it clean and disinfect all your surfaces; you benefit with aromatherapy healing from the pure essential oils in each bottle. 

We have hand picked the combinations of our oils; so that you too can clear and calm your senses.  Our Patent Pending formula is made with food grade ingredients and essential oils.   

Historically these oils have been thoroughly studied and tested by some very important figures like King Tutankhamen and Hippocrates. When it comes to healing the human body's ailments either through topical application or from infusing the air your breathe; essential oils can truly help to  ease your stresses and troubles away.  Combined or alone; when essential oils are added this Our essential oil combinations will help to restore to your hardwood furniture & fixtures to their original beauty.Our formula will treat your senses with the gentle care they deserve; slowly healing them back to functionality. The natural ingredients are safe for your children, pets and the environment.  

Using only a cotton towel or paper towel;  you can reduce your Carbon Footprint   This is how cleaning should be.... Hassle free and energy saving.  My Miracle Solution will leave you with more time to do the fun things in life.  Give My Miracle Solution a try.... We promise you will LOVE it as much as we do!!


Team MMS