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My Miracle Solution is limitless; use it in your  home, car, office or place of business?  Want something that is quick, easy and versatile?  Something that can get the job DONE? 

Your search has ended.  

This isn't your ordinary cleaner; "My Miracle Sol'n" not only cleans and disinfects all your surfaces; you get the added benefit of our Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Our product is made with food grade ingredients and essential oils. My Miracle Solution was created not tone just "environmentally Friendly" but it is the FIRST cleaning product to be PEOPLE FRIENDLY!  We have carefully chosen a specific combination of essential oils for each collection; we wanted to ensure you ,the user would be able to enjoy therapeutic aromatherapy in your home, office, place of business or even your car! 

Because, we are all driving somewhere and get stuck  in traffic. 

  • Essential Oils have a long and storied history regarding healing the human body either through topical applications or from infusing the air your breathe. Combined or alone; when added to this solution the health benefits are increased immensely for you, your loved ones, your staff or even your customers.
  • Our choice of essential oils also work double duty.  They also help to nourish and restore the beauty of your natural and manmade surfaces.  
  • You can safely use My Miracle Sol'n on Stones, Hardwoods, Laminates, Stainless Steel, Glass and yes.... you can even use it on your hands!  
  • Our formula will treat your furniture & fixtures with the gentle care they require.
  • Natural ingredients are also safe for your children, pets and the environment. My Miracle Solution will leave little to no carbon footprints.
  • My Miracle Solution does not require you to buy any additional tools or equipment   All you need is a cotton towel or paper towel.  Our instant dry formula will leave behind a brilliant shine that will last for days and almost 2 weeks on your floors.
Team MMS
an All Natural Eco Friendly Household Cleaner made in Oakville, Ontario