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Beauty in Simplicity

The Team at My Miracle Solution is working hard to bring to you a product that will bring you both ease of use and healing aromatherapy. 
My Miracle Sol'n is safe for all your surface! Now you can use 1 product for ALL your cleaning needs!Our Oils are Ethically sourced and fully tested in a responsible manner!  We promise to bring you the best! A beginners guide to an incredible cleaning solution. MMS's beauty lies in its simplicity.To activate the best clean ever you must: Shake. Spray. Wipe. There are no fancy tools or gimmicks required. All you need is a paper towel or cotton towel. We all know that oil and water do not mix and for this reason alone; we ask that you Shake up this mixture well before starting to use. Ensure that the solution stays mixed throughout your use for optimal results.

My Miracle Solution has been tested on a wide variety of surfaces such as:
Hardwood,Laminate,Vinyl,Formica,Ceramic & Stone Glass & Mirrors Grout(including showers),  Stainless Steel,Granite,Marbles,Quartz,Corian and even Leather surfaces(Cars, Sofas and even Jackets)including all types of plastics.  While this list is not an all encompassing list because there are many yet to be discovered uses for My Miracle Solution. However we ask that you  DO NOT use these products on any type of Fabrics.  Remember that these are OIL based cleaning products! My Miracle Solution is environmentally friendly and Pet friendly. This is also the first cleaning product that   puts the health of its users front and centre! Our therapeutic grade essential oils are blended together to give you the healing benefits via Aromatherapy. Give your senses a break from the everyday stresses and  bring back the joy to cleaning!  My Miracle Solution is designed to make your life easy and simple.  No more wasting endless house on your weekend cleaning the same surface to remove streaks and stains!  One Shake.  One Spray.  One Wipe.   You are done!   Our instant drying formula will have you out enjoying your weekends or weekday evenings with your loved ones and everyone will have benefited for the healing oils from nature! Go ahead bring nature and healing back into your home, office, place of business or even your home day care business.