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My Miracle Solution has an endless list of surfaces which it can be used on!  This is what we love the most about this all natural cleaning solution; its amazing versatility; you can now move freely through different surfaces without skipping a beat.

When we were in the "Formulation Phase" of this solution we were only testing them on our floors (Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramics, Granites etc.)  We went through the "sticky floor" phase.... which was definitely worse in the summer heat. It wasn't until someone lit the fire in our minds; that we started to clean other surface; as the incredible results starting pouring is.  It was this "Testing Phase" that we were inspired to start pushing the limits of Natural cleaning mixed healing essential oils! 
The general population is either concerned about the future of our planet or indifferent and feel that "Chemicals" are the only ones that are able to effectively clean & disinfect.  Our solution is environmentally, people and even pet friendly. With My Miracle Solution; you no longer have to worry about who benefits because now you, your loved ones, friends, pets and yes..... even our beautiful planet!! Join as we set out to revolutionize the how we all live and heal through cleaning!

  • Disinfect 99.9% of all surface Bacteria  

  • Disinfect & Deodorize the compost bin to eliminate bacteria from growing.

  • Kitchen Counters: Formica, Granite, Corian, Quartz (etc.). 

  • All types of Cabinets

  • Appliances such as the stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator

  • Small kitchen appliances regardless of the type of surfaces.

  • MMS easily removes the grease, water stains, soap scum, rust and more

  • Got ceramic or porcelain tiles, no problem!! MMS will effortlessly switch surfaces, mid step of your cleaning chores! 

  • Tile Grout: Not a Problem for My Miracle Sol'n!  

  • Don't forget your doors and windows to your home, office, place of business.  Remember the cleaner your shop is the more customers will stay on and shop for your goodies!

  • Can you clean your car?  Yes.... Yes you can! 

  • My Miracle Sol'n will definitely help you minimize the window 

  • My Miracle Sol'n works just as easily on all your bathroom surfaces; using only a paper towel you can wipe down the toilet tub, shower tiles, sink and counters with ONE product!  

  • Got Kids who love to draw?? Sharpie Markers are effortlessly removed 

We couldn't contain our excitement and we needed to bring these incredible products to you!  Our secret Patent Pending formulation was too good to hide and keep it a secret any longer.  Get your now bottle of My Miracle Solution and automatically become a part of your daily life.  

An all Natural Eco Friendly Household Cleaner made in Oakville, Ontario

Team MMS