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The Miracle Story

My Miracle Solution was born from the need of a parent wanting to help protect her child and accidentally turned itself into a small thriving business.  When life gave us lemons did we make lemonade??  Nope!!

We decided to make My Miracle Solution!! We were parents to 2 tiny people; one who struggled with potty training bc it caused her allergic reactions that showed up in the form of of raw blisters anywhere her skin touched a public toilet. To stand be and not be able to help your child who is in pain is incredibly frustrating.  Its at times like these that lead to amazing solutions!  This little one brought out the Momma and Poppa Bears and we took on the impossible obstacle to protect their baby….

To watch your littles struggle in pain, see the fear in their faces you know you as the parent MUST do something!  That something was created from the heart; to protect our baby girl.

MMS was started with good old tap water and when that wasn’t enough; we started to grow our ingredient list.  This trial and error slowly evolved into the current form of our all natural aromatherapy cleaner.  As a family we were big on scents and it didn’t take long for us to add in the benefit of essential oils. Originally aromatherapy was added to help mask the scent vinegar; our original choice of oils was the always effective Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  This served multiple needs at that time; I had injured my hip from a slip and fall while 6 months pregnant with our daughter in 2010 and I still struggle today with pain and functionality. Which worsened surgical interventions failed and medication had to be incorporated into daily life the damages that resulted caused lung damage.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil was our go to for aromatherapy; a powerful oil with many healing properties.  The Eucalyptus tree is not just a main food source for the Koala Bear but it can also help to deodorize any room or those often unbearable public washroom scents, It can aide with eliminating air borne bacteria, a natural disinfectant, can aides with breathing difficulties, help one with mental clarity and much more. Cleansing Eucalyptus sour maiden product; this was  used by our local mommas who got it for free in exchange for feed back!  We are truly blessed to have such a supportive group of Moms; the results they shared with uleft us in awe.  We knew we had a product worthy of seeking protection under the Canadian and American Patent laws.  This was the kick off to turn us into entrepreneurs.  We had never dreamed of this but seized the opportunity to make a difference everyday life, to make cleaning easier and more effective.  We want to leave behind a greener planet for future generations.  We wanted to bring nature back into your lives through with the use of aromatherapy.  Our Patent Pending Instant Dry formula leaves behind a disinfected, streak free, sealed in shine that requires minimal effort and is safe to use on ALL surfaces.  Not only is MMS eco friendly; it is pet friendly, kid friendly and eliminates storage space clutter.

My Miracle Solution is everything you could dream of without the baggage of multiple cleaning products to achieve one cleaned surface.  Shake. Spray. Wipe. Breathe.  It really is that simple to use.  No need for fancy tools, gimmicks or gadgets.  A good cotton, paper or microfibre towel is all you need for every surface in your home.  Cleaning all types of dirt and grime; MMS effortlessly takes of Soap Scum, Rust and Grease to name a few while cleaning, disinfecting, policing and shining every surface.  Now you can effortlessly seal in a brilliant long lasting shine to your Kitchen counters (Granite, Quartz, Corian, Formica etc.), All Bathroom surfaces, All types of Flooring(Hardwood, Stones, Ceramics etc.), Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, Leathers and even your Car!  

MMS is the first true organic cleaner to meet all your cleaning needs.  We are so excited to help make living clean easier!!

 Team MMS