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  • Inner Peace Essential Oils

Inner Peace Essential Oils



Green Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

"Inner Peace" comes to you from our hearts; we decided to use essential oil therapy to help bring the calm to our child and our home.  Having a mind that is always racing, doing other things was a major struggle and as parents its been extremely challenging to find non-medicated ways to help them close their days.  

Inner Peace was our latest discovery, and it is combination of Therapeutic Essential Oils brought together to help one to cope with the stresses of daily life.  We all have our struggles, and having natural options and alternative therapies help ease the anxiety or stressors.  To have the option to Tap Out when things get difficult or fear sets in because this world we live is is NOT Utopia and we are here on Earth; a place filled with natural healing therapies with many more natural healing options.  Inner Peace is for anyone and everyone who struggle may be struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights and even Work Stress. To remain healthy or attain stronger mental clarity without feeling overwhelmed is and can be a luxury for many children and adults alike.

Maybe..... with just a little help from Mother Nature this can be achieved through Aromatherapy.  Inner Peace can be added to a diffuser, to your favourite hand or body lotion and even massaged into your sore aching joints.  Add a few drops to your wrists and behind the ears throughout your day and take your Me Moment throughout your day or whenever you need.

Inner Peace comes in a 10ml dropper bottle and can easily be used with any diffuser.  Add a few drops before bedtime and fall asleep to enjoy a calm and restful night!  Give yourself the chance to step away from reality and unwind your mind through your sense of smell.


Team MMS

Made in Oakville, Ontario Canada.  North America's Best Organic Cleaner.