• Bursting Citrus Essential Oils
  • Bursting Citrus Essential Oils
  • Bursting Citrus Essential Oils

Bursting Citrus Essential Oils



All natural household cleaner made in Ontario

Anytime you need a "pick me up".  Set your mind and energies to "GO" and live the day strong and energized.  The uplifting scents of the Citrus family oils will help bring calm to nervousness, tension and help to alleviate feelings of depression.  

Contrary to popular belief citrus oils are not just for energizing & stimulating the senses;  they are also great aides for insomnia; depression and even mental focus.  Oils such as Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit are commonly used to help strengthen and boost immunity through the senses.

This "Sense of Smell" has been a heavily studied area with many years of research and testing behind; to help discover just how we humans use this sense to heal the body.  In our January newsletter  "How do we smell?" we touched upon how our brain takes in and uses scent to make associations to a memory.  Scientists and Historians alike had made the connection long before technology                                                                                                 existed; that our brains are at the root of emotional associations when is comes to smells.

Turn your diffuser on; add a few drops to start your day with the natural benefits of Aromatherapy.  Let the scents float over you and awaken the mind.


Team MMS

Diffuser Essential Oils that can help to bring Change!