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  • Cleansing Eucalyptus
  • Cleansing Eucalyptus
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Cleansing Eucalyptus



Green Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Team MMS holds Cleansing Eucalyptus close to their hearts as this was the first solution they made and eventually launched as the pilot product in their Spring 2016 Test Group. We spent many months developing & testing this product in our home; changing it weekly if not daily.  We tested each surface repeatedly to ensure that the results we were achieving were not a "One Hit Wonder" and it was able to clean everything we threw at it!
The Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia and the main food source for their national animal, the Koala Bear.  Demand for Eucalyptus Essential Oil has exponentially grown the world over; it is known for its ability to help heal a variety of health conditions either through direct application or aromatherapy.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil is highly effective on common colds, nasal congestion and other breathing concerns. Eucalyptus also works to clean, refresh and deodorize any room of almost any odour. This powerful oil is equally gentle and can be applied topically to help heal burns, blisters, insect bites as well as anti-inflammatory aide for arthritic joints and sore muscles.  This oil is great for getting back into focus and clearing the mind, acts as  an effective anti-inflammatory aide for arthritic joints and sore muscles.  "My Miracle Solution" choice to use Eucalyptus Essential Oils seemed endless. When used in Aromatherapy, it was able to help clear sinus congestions or headaches caused by the common cold or seasonal allergies.  Eucalyptus essential oil is widely know for its pure, crisp & clean camphorous scent is known to help stimulate ones mental activity and clarity.  
Now you too can enjoy the health benefits of clearing your mind, disinfecting the air you breathe and much more while cleaning your home.
Team MMS


Made in Oakville, Ontario Canada.  North America's Best Organic Cleaner.

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