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Floor Care - Soothing Florals


 My Miracle Solution chose a different delivery method for all its incredible cleaning solutions. Our multi-purpose cleaner is the same great product you are used to with a better way to get our fast drying formula to your floors.  We have redesigned the delivery method to allow for a smoother more effective floor clean process for you!  

You can now bring back the natural beauty and shine out of your flooring effortlessly and in no time!  Now that you have the benefit if therapeutic grade essential oils working on your floors; take the time to breathe in the refreshing scent of a wide combination of oils from a variety flowers.  Oils from this family plants are popularly known to aide with sleep, depression and even mental clarity.

Same solution, Same great results... Just a different solution delivery method.  Go ahead be the talk of the neighbour hood and show off your sparkling home, office, place of business or just about anywhere!


Team MMS

The BEST organic household cleaner with healing aromatherapy