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Winter Mint



Winter Mint is My Miracle Solution's newest collection.  This cleaner is filled with essential oils from the majestic evergreen tree family.  We handpicked the blend of oils to come up with this refreshing combination,  that not only deliver an incredible clean & refresh the air you breathe!

Winter Mint contains the Essential Oils of Evergreen Tree's.  Oils from these plants are a RESIN and are extremely powerful.  Winter Mint Essential Oils are unlike oils from the other plant families and sink to the bottom of the bottle.  These oils are denser than any of the other essential oils we use in all our other collections.  This variant allows Winter Mint to be our most powerful cleaner. 

You will fall in love with this collection from the first spay! A powerful grease fighter with a healing aromatherapy session like no other.  Winter Mint has many aromatherapy benefits such as aiding in re-energizing the mind, destroying air borne bacteria, deodorize your home, office and even the car. The air you breathe will cleanse your sinuses while aiding your mental clarity. Winter Mint will help create a positive and soothing energy that will leave you feeling nourished and calm.
Bring the outdoors inside!  This formula delivers some serious punch to stuck on dirt and grime! My Miracle Solution is the Best cleaning product not he market!  Its flexibility and ability to deliver effortless results will make you love cleaning like never before.

When cleaning porous surfaces or unsealed surface; Spray the paper towel with cleaning solution and then wipe.  For all other surfaces, Stainless, Hardwoods, Glass, Mirrors etc continue with normal proceedure.


Team MMS

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