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Zen Blend Essential Oil



Zen Blend.  

Need we say more?  

Zen Blend is just that; this is the Therapeutic Essential Oil combination of a lifetime! Filled with the classic goodies; this will quickly become the stress buster you won't leave home without!  All you need are a few drops into your diffuser especially after a particularly difficult day at he office; Zen Blend will quickly have you breathing a sigh of relief.  
I used to struggle with getting in a good nights sleep on a daily basis; but when I created this soothing combination of oils it was Good Bye to counting sheep and HELLO to a rested mom!  All you need are a few drops of Zen Blend to a small hand towel or a bedroom diffuser and Dream Land can't come fast enough!
Your Team MMS is continuously looking to create blends to bring you, our valued customers the calm after a day of living life.  Give this incredible blend of soothing oils a chance; you will rediscover the meaning of relaxing & restful sleep.


Team MMS

Diffuser Essential Oil made in Oakville, Ontario