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Soothing Florals



Green Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario

Soothing Florals cleaning solution is filled with aromatic oils chosen to specifically help you heal through your sense of smell.  Historically highly aromatic flowers were available to the those in upper crust of society; purchasing such costly fragrances meant that the other members of society were unable to smell or use flowers.  Fast forward to modern society and all types of flora are readily available to any that choose to have beautiful and fragrant flora. Oils garnered from exotic flowers with delicate petals, plants and trees are a complicated process that is lengthy and costly.

When we use our sense of smell we are directly communicating with nature; breathing is an autonomous function.  its regulated by the brain and whether we breathe consciously or subconsciously we are always smelling.  When we smell something aromatic, food or floral; that smell triggers memories from our past and we make the association with a good or bad experience.  When the memory that is triggered is a childhood memory; the emotions which we experience are very powerful.  They have the ability to bring renewed joy or sadness!

Our personally chosen and combined essential oils in this collection can help you relax and unwind after a rough day; bringing to you the healing power of essential oils and a powerful cleaning solution.  We know that sinking feeling when you know that you must cleaning your home, office or even your RV.  This can cause a lot of grief & stress between couples and family members; at least it did in our home.  Our choice of Essential Oils that are included in this collection are to bring a sense of calm, peace and relaxation.

Go ahead and take that Spa moment with our  Soothing Florals collection.


Team MMS

 Made in Oakville, Ontario Canada.  North America's Best Organic Cleaner.

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