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Healing Recipes

Chamomile Essential Oil


Chamomile Essential Oil.  This is a popular oil used the world over; commonly used essential oils are Roman and German Chamomile.  Flowering plat with feathery leaves and simple daisy like flowers; Chamomile Essential Oil is known for its gentle soothing properties.  A versatile oil that adds a subtle touch to any formulation; used to soothe skin, inflammation, as a mild pain reliever and even in teas. This plant is related to the annoying Ragweed, it is therefore advised that those who are allergic to Ragweed and other pollens should use this product with caution.    

Given this, Chamomile can help to soothe and repair the skins layers are aggravated from conditions such as Eczema, Chicken Pox or Rashes.  Chamomile has in some cases provided results equal to that of Hydrocortisone. Help to heal scars and wounds because it can promote faster tissue regeneration than corticosteroids.  You can use this multi functional essential oil as a natural astringent to help unclog your skins pores.  

Most commonly Chamomile is know for it's addition to teas.  Chamomile helps to calm irritability, nervousness, tension headaches and more that result of a calm and restful nights sleep.

How to create you own Chamomile Facial Toner Recipe:

50 ml Mineral Water
5   ml Witch Hazel
2  ml Chamomile Oil
1  ml Lavender Oil

                         Best Natural Household Floor Cleaner with Essential Oils

Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle.  Always shake to mix the solution before spraying on your face. No more need for stinging alcohol on your face.  Nature can be a positive way to give your skin the healing benefits it needs.


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To Chamomile or To Not Chamomile?

Chamomile is known the world over for its healing abilities and more so for its calming effects on the user.  It is often used in teas and herbal extracts; as far as it essential oil use, chamomile can provide topical relief for cuts, insect bites, eczema and more.

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Cold & Flu Season

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products
Are You Ready?

School has started, if your kids are anything like mine then you will understand our frustration over getting them to wash their hands properly when they get home or after playing outdoors etc.  

They do that thing... with a quick water rinse, maybe wipe with the towel, better yet the back side of their DIRTY pants!!!  Seriously???  Do they really think those hands are clean? OR that we will believe them?

We can't sell dirty kids, can't give them away nor will they actually listen to their parents....

All jokes aside there are a few well researched methods that are proven to work effectively:

  • Wash. Wash & Wash your hands as many times as needed.  This is so very important especially for our littlest ones. 
  • Keep your home & office areas clean and disinfected as best you can
  • Wash Again.....
  • Dress for the weather not the fashion show
  • Eat healthy, Get some physical fitness in and take your vitamins.  A strong immune system is your best bet.  
  • Wash. Wash & Wash some more...
  • Dont hesitate to go and see your doctor when your body tells(screams) at you for attention.
We can't always win the fight against various bugs, bacteria and viruses; however we can use the above suggestions from 

Health Canada  and put them into use where ever you are.  Sometimes you need to see a doctor, take antibiotics or ride the bugs of your system.  Its not a perfect system, but you know your body best or that of your children.  Do what feels right because only you will know what is the correct treatment for you & your family.

This mixture is packed full of healing oils, ready to help ease chest congesting and that annoying cough.  Soothing you skin and Safe for your littles as well.

Got sinus issues, struggle with allergies, keep this little gem hidden in your purse or office desk.  Keep your mind and sinus free and clear of stuffiness.

Bacteria Fighting Oils

Are you prone to Straph, Strep or Pneumonia then you need to keep these oils close:  Lemon & Eucalyptus Essential Oils are effective in fighting off bacteria that causes infections such as Staph(ylococcus) Strept(ococcus) or Pneumonia.  So if you are prone to such ailments, you now know that Lemon and Eucalyptus Essential Oils are your ammunition during the Flu Season.

When you use natural remedies then layer them with natural disinfecting cleaning products you are not only helping keep our fragile environment safe but you are keeping your loved ones safe.   Our vast array of organic cleaning products give you choices when it comes to Therapeutic Aromatherapy benefits.  You can now layer how you live and clean, add to your daily routine of Diffuser Essential Oils the Miracle Collection of  Organic cleaners.  Keep your home, office, car or place of business feeling fresh and clean. If you want to go one step further, wake up your senses with our Shea, Coco & Mango Butters with Aloe and Goats Milk; we use a variety of base combinations with moisture rich and therapeutic essential oils. Your AM routine will thank you for the soothing calm before the morning chaos! .  

There will be times where no matter how much you stay clean, you need the germs to build your immune system; so get out there enjoy the cooler weather & let your kids play in the dirt; you know that with school back open they will be bringing home all types of bacteria and viruses.  We did so when we were kids, only difference is we actually listened to Mom and washed our hands & stayed clean.  We drank water from the garden hose, shared drinks with our friends but we also didn't get sick as often and still don't.  Take this as your key to having fun with your family, enjoy getting together with loved ones, go for that fall hike and yes Shake hands with strangers!  You will survive!

Wishing you a Miracle Day!


Team MMS

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario


Bacteria Fighting Essential Oils

My Miracle Solution

Helping families to fight viruses and bacteria with the use of nature.  EsAre you or your family are prone to picking up any & all bacteria here are a few tips to help you get through the day!  Help yourself by adding these essential oils to your diffuser or rub a few drops into your hands are using public facilities, at the office or even at school.  Strep or Pneumonia can easily wreak havoc on your health system and can spread like wild fire when poorly controlled within the home.  When your immune system becomes weakened you can catch or share these viruses often enough that sooner or later even the antibiotics can become ineffective.  

Keep these therapeutic essential oils year round to help keep the Bugs & Bacteria away!

Lemon & Eucalyptus Essential Oils: are effective in fighting off bacteria that causes infections such as Staph(ylococcus) Strept(ococcus) or Pneumonia and
more.  Eucalyptus oils can help you stay focused and alter during the day; they
trigger the release of hormones via aromatherapy to lift your mood, energize and
perform more effectively during your work day!

Tea Tree Oil: There are many oils available that have healing properties such as antibacterial, antiviral, and are antimicrobial. Tea Tree is one of the few that can be applied directly to the skin without diluting.  2004, a scientific review examined the Tea Tree oil's ability to kill bacteria; it was found that it may be used as an adjunctive treatment for wounds,

Oregano Oil: Discovered in Ancient Greece, Oregano was used to cook with, it was also used to heal wounds in those days.  A recent study conducted out of Georgetown University and published in Science Daily that determined the oils ability as an effective germ killing treatment as well as being able to help with sinus congestions and symptoms of the common cold.

Grapefruit Oil: A highly effective natural antibiotic with the ability to fight a host of common infections.  Scientists tests drops of grapefruit extract for the presence of anti bacterial properties comparable to manmade antibiotics. 

Thyme Oil: This is an antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and contains calming properties. In a University of Tennessee evaluated the oils effectiveness against bacteria in milk and salmonella found that it's “nanoemulsions” may be an excellent option for protecting the body from harmful bacteria by using it as an antimicrobial preservative for food.

With many more essential oils available on the market you have an extensive selection of healing oils to help you and your loved ones.  Should you have any additional question or suggestions for Team MMS please do send the our way!


To get more information on any of our products, you can contact us at any time
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Himalayan Pink Salt Inhalant

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products

Home Made Nasal Inhalant

Take a small 10ml - 15ml dark coloured glass bottle and add in the Pink Salts.  Slowly add the oils.  Shake to mix.  Use as & when needed.

 1 tbsp of Himalayan Rock Salt

2 drops Eucalyptus 

2 drops Rosemary 

1 drop Peppermint 

Make a few bottles for you and the family or for use around the house and the office.  Keep a bottle in your purse or the kids back packs. 

This little concoction will have everyone asking you for some Breathing Therapy!


Team MMS

All Natural Household Cleaning Products made in Oakville, Ontario