Our Promise of Purity

All Natural Aromatherapy Household Cleaning Products

 Team MMS has made both a personal & corporate commitment to bring to you the purest of ingredients in all our products.  This incredible cleaning product is  unlike anything you've never seen before.  This is the best "Solution".... pun intended to meet All your cleaning needs.  Join us as we make to move to bring our Eco-Friendly cleaning products to you.  MMS is a product that works overtime to clean, disinfect, deodorize, polish and shine on every surface.   MMS is effortless in its application and just as easily REPLACES almost all your current cleaning supplies!!  

Our products are based on food grade ingredients and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are ethically sourced and certified to be pure while meeting the potency guidelines. Our supplier is fully equipped with an on-site laboratory that tests the products they purchase from outside suppliers.  This gives Team MMS  the confidence we need to ensure that all our oils are put through rigorous tests to validate its veracity, purity and potency; thus ensuring that you and your loved ones always get the best form us.

We are se excited to be able to bring to our valued customers and the rest of the world a product that delivers results while providing healing aromatherapy benefits in each spray.

All our Essential Oils come certified from our supplier with these credits!

Certified "VegeCert" Organic household cleaning products made in Ontario  Kosher Certified- Organic cleaning products Ontario  NAHA Member - Organic cleaning products Ontario