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History of Essential Oils.

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October 2016 Newsletter 

Hello October!!!  Goodbye Summer!! Thank you to all our awesome customers for an Amazing 1st month!!!  We are honoured that you, our incredible Miracle Family has trusted us and brought our cleaning products  into their homes!!!!!!   As the seasons change we try to stay on top of organizing our homes, offices and lives.  The MMS team chose to go back in time when they started the building the base formula for
"My Miracle Solution"!  So when the experts say history repeats itself; no matter the industry they mean it!  This still stands true when it comes to our modern tech filled lives, we as a society are slowly turning back to what our ancestors did. We try to be responsible citizens by controlling our waste, modifying our diet to clean eating.... So why not clean your surroundings with an equally pure & natural product like
"My Miracle Solution"

Lets take a short walk back in time.....When Essential Oils were the "Golden" treatment!  The use of essential oils is as long as history itself dating back 3000 - 2000 BC.  There are many documented facts throughout history that show the importance of essential oils and the health benefits they provide.  
Many historians give credit to the Ancient Egyptians for being the first to document the use of essential oils; but depending on which document is being referenced you will find India & China were using Essential Oils much earlier, with India using these essential oils in Ayurvedic Medicine. 

The Egyptians used these precious oils in medicinal treatment, beauty regimes along with spiritual enhancement.  Many Royal families and the wealthy had integrated Essential Oils into their daily lives.
To evidence the value these oils held; when the tomb of King Tutankhamun was opened they found that not only was they tomb raided but that the alabasters that contained these oils were stolen or emptied, yet the gold and precious gems were left behind!
Hippocrates, a Greek physician and often referred to as the father of modern medicine studied over 300 plants and flowers in his medicinal path, concluding that  "The way to health is to have and Aromatic bath & scented massage every day."  
Todays modern society has minimal time for such luxuries.... yet we can find ourselves slowly reverting our lifestyle back to natural treatments add healing products that our ancients used.  
Essential Oils, when used in Ayurvedic Health Care System are at the core of natural healing; spiritual blending of philosophical & practical elements.  Ayurvedic medicine is truly an ancient healing system dating back almost 5000 years. In Sanskrit "Ayur" meaning "Life" and "Vedas" meaning "Knowledge".  The Vedas, are the most sacred texts, in the Hindu religion; refers to more than 700 different herbs and aromatics and their uses in perfumery and aromatics for religious and therapeutic purposes.  
Moving along the coast up to China, we can see that even today many refer back to Folk medicine for healing treatments.  The most referred text was written by Emperor Shennong; a man of many talents and abilities.  He was a ruler (Emperor) in China, know in many circles as the father of Chinese herbal medicine, & a cultural hero that educated his people on best practices of agriculture. Emperor Shennong was said to have consumed hundreds of herbs to test their medical value.
These precious oils have stayed their power over many cultures through many more centuries. They have the proven history showing that they can be just as effective as modern medicine in certain cases.  Yet the manner in which our world has evolved we do NEED modern medicine to heal some of our more harmful illnesses.   We can still incorporate a healthy balance between natural healing and man made drugs. Everything within reason.

We are truly Honoured and Humbled to be a part of your lives.  We hope you all enjoyed our 1st blog!  There is value in bringing natural beauty and healing products into your life.  As a society we are all cramming more into our already busy schedules, our daily stress levels are sky rocketing and in some cases out of control.
The team behind "My Miracle Solution" hope that we can help bring some of the many healing benefits of Essential Oils into your home!!

Team MMS

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