Team MMS was working overtime this past winter to bring you this incredibly powerful essential oil cleaner.  As this great and diverse country celebrates 150 Years of Freedom and Unity we wanted to pay tribute to the land.   Winter Mint is an all Natural Aromatherapy Cleaner that is a tribute to its birth country.... Canada!

That's right; we brought together the essence of the plant and tree life native to Canada and created Winter Mint.  This collection uses the essential oils of many native trees and plants especially to the   Evergreen Tree family.  With the essential oils coming from all parts of the tree; bark, roots, needles and fruits; this solution is our strongest yet!  
Winter Mint has left us speechless at times with its supreme ability to fight stuck on Grease & Grime and Guck!  Winter Mint is your Swiss Army tool.  Like all our collections, this too will clean almost every surface with minimal effort and incredible therapeutic oil healing.
Spring Cleaning has nothing in its arsenal that Winter Mint can't dissolve! 
The power of nature couldn't be stronger than it is with this collection! Brilliantly blended to provide healing aromatherapy, to your senses will come alive with each spray, while delivering a power packed punch to dirt!


Team MMS

North America's ONLY organic cleaning products made in Ontario.

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