All Natural Essential Oil Household Cleaners.

Team MMS was listening to you; our valued customers.  We see you have many questions and likewise we have many answers.  We put together a list of your frequently asked questions with answers and came up with our 1st ever FAQ's.  
If you don't see your question below and require information please feel free to reach out to our team at any time via email or telephone;(647)201-5998  or

1. My Miracle Solution contains Essential Oils.  These oils have been thoroughly tested by our supplier for quality control.  In addition to this, all of the oils purchased for use in any MMS products are certified as being :
Cruelty Free,
Gluten Free,
Free of Allergens such as:
Peanut, Tree Nut, Sesame, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Sulphite, Fish and ShellFish Free

As well as:   

2. What can I use My Miracle Solution on?

Answer:  The easier answer to this question is... What can't you use MMS on.  Fabrics!  That's it folks! Remember this is an OIL Based cleaning product and as such may damage some materials.

3.  Is this safe for my kids?

Answer: Yes.  Your children can safely use MMS. Note for safety reasons we recommend that  ALL cleaning products  are best
KEPT OUT OF REACH from ALL children and pets.  Even tough this is a natural product, you MUST remember that it is also a mixture of natural ingredients and essential oils. 

4. Do I need any additional tools for My Miracle Solution to work effectively?

No you will not need any additional tools to obtain these incredible results!  Most of not all surfaces can easily be cleaned with either a paper towel or cotton towel.  

5.  Can I buy My Miracle Solution in a store? if so, which stores? My Miracle Solution can only be purchased through this website

 How does My Miracle Solution work? MMS is an oil based cleaning product; and as elementary school science classes taught us Oil and Water will always separate.  

7. You MUST ensure that the solution is properly mixed before spraying your surface. Shake well when starting to clean and continue this shaking throughout  your cleaning process.  A properly mixed solution will guarantee the same results we obtain.


Team MMS

an All Natural Eco Friendly Household Cleaner