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This incredible product is the brainchild of a couple who have been through many stages of personal and family evolution.  This cleaning solution being the second Biggest & Rewarding achievement of all (Sorry, the kids come first).

Our story started many years ago when my wife encountered a slip & fall in which she injured her hip while 6 months pregnant with our second angel.  Through all her trials and tribulations, she over came many medical, physical and parental challenges.  Life as we knew it had come to an abrupt end; she was at home raising 2 kids under 3 and had to put her incredible career on hold.  
While focusing on her recovery our littles ones kept us busy; it wasn't until the little one started potty training and my wife health started on a downhill ride that the 1st stages of My Miracle Solution started to come alive. We turned around one day and decided to ditch the chemicals, as we randomly added or eliminated various ingredients the days turned into months, that turned into years.  

We quickly realized that our daughter was severely allergic to the use of chemicals especially when she had to use public facilities, this furthered our need to help our little Princess fix this health concern.  This is still a concern but she's much older and has learned a lot of skills to help herself.  As for my wife, Cleansing Eucalyptus was her saviour.  Her medications took a toll on her lungs and she struggled daily to get by and still does! 

Fast forward to Spring 2016 and we were asked by a friend to share what our secret was to our gleaming hardwood floors and where to buy it.... We started a small test group with our enthusiastic moms; the results were incredible!  We were in shock and we are still left in awe by some of the results!  This proved to us that My Miracle Solution was not a figment of our imagination! We were even more confident with this solution and its incredible ability to deliver Real Results!

Today, My Miracle Solution is a patent pending household cleaner in both Canada & USA.  Our Mission is to Revolutionize the how we as a society live and the process we go through to live a "Green" lifestyle. MMS is essentially the easiest to use product on the market today; it has the ability to clean, polish, disinfect and seal in a long lasting shine. This is the perfect marriage of food grade ingredients meets therapeutic essential oils with no fancy tools or additional purchases! 

My Miracle Sol'n easily and effectively cleans all surfaces; natural and manmade.  We had designed this product to keep our lives in "Green" mode to help with our family's health designed to keep your environment along with nature at the top of its list.  MMS is safe to use on all surfaces including skin. Now you have 1 product that will essentially eliminate over 20 cleaning products.  You can now enjoy the extra closet space for the more important items you need.  No more carrying a cleaning tool box up and down through out your home.  To say you have to follow certain rules in order to use MMS would be untrue.  It has ONE limitation.... Do Not use on fabrics!!   Today you can enjoy a daily aromatherapy session; choose your pick me up, mental clarity, stress or anxiety or that burst of energy; My Miracle Solution has your Solution to a Bright, Shiny, Polished & Disinfected clean. We look forward to having you become a member of our Miracle Family and join hands with us to achieve our Miracle Mission!

Team MMS

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