My Miracle Solution - an all natural aromatherapy cleaner

My Miracle Solution

The Start of a Revolution

This incredible product is the brainchild of a couple who have been through many stages of personal and family evolution. This cleaning solution being the second Biggest & most Rewarding of all (Sorry, the kids come first)!   My Miracle Solution is a patent pending product in Canada & USA; with world wide shipping!   Our Mission is to Revolutionize the way we all clean! My Miracle Solution is the perfect marriage of food grade ingredients and therapeutic essential oils!   Now you have one product that meets all your cleaning needs! Miracle Sol'n  was designed to keep your environment along with nature at the top of its list.  My Miracle Sol'n is safe to use in all surfaces including skin.... we have ONE limitation.... Do Not use on fabrics!!   With each spray you & your family can now enjoy an aromatherapy sessions; with each wipe a Bright, Shiny, Polished & Disinfected clean.  We look forward to having you join us in our My Miracle Mission.

Team Miracle


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